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High Resolution

We've engineered our monitoring platform to run at 1 second intervals for all metrics. We also have amazingly low latency. This means that the time of reading a metric to it showing in your graph is less than 4 seconds. You don't miss any of the "chatter" that could be leading up to something big. Any lower resolution and your graph looks like a straight line, not the true picture.

Fluid analytics

Use your mouse to drag any graph to any point in time. Use the mouse wheel to zoom out to see trends over longer periods of time. All data is automatically aggregated at many stepped time intervals so that zooming out to see trends over hundreds of thousands of points is instantaneous.

Smart alarms

We've used our aggregate engine to do something different with alarms. To cut down on false positives our alarms allow you to use aggregate functions. For example, "only alert me if the AVERAGE CPU usage for any of my servers goes above 70% for 1 minute."

Go a bit deeper

Don't leave your dashboard just to get additional detail on your app. We provide SDKs and addins to popular web stacks and SQL servers so that you can see application request counts, duration, call stacks, and SQL statements. Find the trouble spots quickly.

Put graphs anywhere

We know that you may have an existing dashboard or status page for your system so we made it easy to embed our graphs and/or dashboards in your own pages. All drag / zoom / alarm display functionality is available. (that's a live graph on the left)

See what you want

You can easily customize any dashboard with our drag & drop editor. Create any number of dashboards and place graphs where you need them.

Got plugins?

Now with Graphdat Plugins there is no stone left unturned. Graph and alarm all parts of your application stack and infrastructure. New plugins are being created all the time. Installing a plugin is easy or you can even write your own.

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How it works

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Create an account

Signup with Graphdat and your first agent is free. There are no charges for using our service if you stay with one agent. If you like the service and want to add more agents, Graphdat offers the easiest and most competitive pricing around.


Install an agent on your server

Installing the agent on the target OS gives you access to realtime server performance for CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network Metrics

See our How To's page for information on installing an agent for your OS.


Install an addin on your server

Installing the web server addin gives you access to real time application request counts and response times (if you intend to use an SDK then this will provide application request data so you can skip this step and go directly to step #4). Individual requests are tracked and timed for graphing and drilldown.

See our How To's page for information on installing an addin for your web server.


Instrument your Application

If you would like function level timing or custom timers you can use one the Graphdat SDKs to instrument your application code.

See our How To's page for information on available SDKs.


Add Graphdat Plugins as desired

In addition to the essential metrics you get from the graphdat agent, and the application metrics you can get from the web server addins and SDKs, you can also graph other parts of your infrastructure. Graphdat has many plugins you can install to monitor these technologies or you can even build your own.

See our Plugin Page for information how to install a plugin.


Set up alarms

Keep a keen eye on your system with Smart Alarms, designed to reduce 'false positives' and notify you exactly when you need to react. Read more


Start troubleshooting

The agent is running, the webserver is sending stats and you are watching your server and applications metrics in real time, down to the second. Time to dig in.

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